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Welcome to Family Wellbeing Associates, a mental health clinic which specializes in providing assessment and treatment of the effects of trauma, mental illness, and behavioral challenges.

Family Wellbeing Associates is a different kind of mental health clinic.
We specialize in providing assessment and treatment for the effects of:

Family Wellbeing Associates is a team-based clinic. Our therapists and staff collaborate to ensure a variety of perspectives, experiences, and knowledge is used to individualize the treatment approach for each person being seen. As a team, we support one another to promote a more positive environment and healthier clinic which results in lower turnover in our therapists and staff than is found in other clinics and organizations. This, in addition to the use of evidence-based modalities, ensures Family Wellbeing Associates is known for providing thorough, comprehensive, and effective treatments for our clients.

One of our therapists will provide a thorough diagnostic assessment which includes consideration of the individual, the family, and the social needs of the individual engaged in the assessment. The information gathered during the assessment process will ensure the most effective and evidence-based techniques are used to address the identified challenges and start a collaborative therapeutic relationship for healing. This is a more comprehensive assessment and treatment plan approach than what is commonly completed during most standard mental health assessments. By using an approach that focuses on system, family, and the individual; the changes and growth the client achieves is more likely to be more permanent and sustainable changes for the client going forward. 

A Time for Change

If you would like to schedule an appointment, a simple phone call will work. You can also get a hold of us by answering a few questions on our Contact Form. We do not use contact information for any other reason than to respond to your request.  

We look forward to scheduling a conversation with you to better understand how we can help you or your family member. From there you will talk with one of our therapists whose approach best matches the needs you have identified and ensure there is a good match between you and that therapist. At Family Wellbeing Associates we do things differently to make sure there is a good fit between our family and yours.  

Why Choose Family Wellbeing?

Therapy can be an intimidating process to get started. As a result, we see and know our clients to be people of great courage! Thus, we seek to come alongside them… offering care, insight, comfort, challenge, and guidance throughout the process.


Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy helps people recover from trauma and painful experiences and negatively stored information to reprogram their mind’s response to triggers and promote healing.

Internal Family Systems

Internal Family Systems is a powerfully transformative, evidence-based model of psychotherapy. We believe the mind is naturally multiple and that is a good thing.  Our inner parts contain valuable qualities and our core Self knows how to heal, allowing us to become integrated and whole.

Groups and Classes

Coming Soon! New parenting skills classes to be offered in early 2024!

Meet our talented team

Our team of therapists are here and ready to help start down the path to healing with you.  

The therapists and staff at Family Wellbeing Associates are carefully chosen for their unique therapy skills and experiences. as well as their dedication to changing the way therapy is done by being committed to a collaborative team approach. This enables your therapist to consider a variety of perspectives when tailoring their treatment and approach to our clients’ unique individual needs.  

Jennifer Theurer offers EMDR and specializes in treating trauma including military and first responder trauma, compassion fatigue, survivors of violence, and children.  

Rochelle Honey-Arcement specializes in Internal Family Systems (IFS) and specializes in treating mood disorders, identity challenges, body dysmorphia, and the general functioning and wellbeing of Self.  

Brook Fairbanks manages many of the administrative aspects of our clinic. She coordinates billing and insurance, helps with scheduling and intakes, provides information regarding available resources, and provides support when your therapist may not be available.  


Jennifer Theurer


Rochelle Honey-Arcement


Brook Fairbanks

Office Administrator

We've got you covered

Family Wellbeing Associates believes everyone should have access to high quality mental health care, so we continue to accept multiple health insurance plans. Currently, we partner with the following insurance companies to provide services to their members and are in-network.   

If your insurance is not listed, we may still have a working relationship with them. We will provide as much information to you regarding your insurance requirements and the cost of therapy for you. We also strive to work with individuals regarding private pay arrangements and a plan to make therapy affordable.  

We will discuss insurance and costs specific to you during the completion of the initial paperwork. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding insurance, payment arrangements, or to schedule a time to meet.  


Contact Us

If you would like to schedule an appointment, a simple phone call will work.
 Or you can also answer some basic questions on our Contact Form.

We look forward to scheduling a conversation to better understand how we can help you or your loved one. From there, we can discuss whether there is a good fit between our family and yours.


723 Pacha Parkway
North Liberty, IA 52317