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Box Stomper

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Today, and in recent months, adults and kids alike have had their world changed due to Corona virus, social distancing, not being able to go to work or school, and even the way we grocery shop has changed. So many big changes leads to big, complex feelings; and a lot of people have been struggling with expressing those feelings recently. This activity is designed primarily for kids, but it can be used by kids of any age. When those feelings get too big sometimes they get stuck in our body or our brain and make us feel upset; if we have a way of getting those feelings out it can help make those feelings smaller and easier to handle day to day.

What you will need:

Different shapes and sizes are great so if this activity becomes a regular means of dealing with some of those big feelings, your child has a variety to pick from depending on how big or overwhelmed they are feelings. (Note: Be sure the box is not too sturdy as your child might twist an ankle of get hurt if  it is too hard to stomp.)

Any shape, size, color, whatever you have. This could be scraps of paper or paper from the recycling, sometimes having your child help put together a “Stomper Station” can be a fun activity.

Anything your child would like to use to draw  or write some of the things upsetting them; feelings, experiences, missing friends, missing teachers, worried about special people in their life.

Make sure to validate your child’s feelings, any feeling is okay to have and lots of people are having big, complex feelings right now. There is no right or wrong thing to write down, it can be big, little, everything and anything they feel upset about is exactly right!

Have your child write or draw any thoughts or feelings on to a piece of paper, they can make as many as they want. You are welcome to help them if they want you to, but this activity is definitely led by “the stomper”.

Put all the papers into the box.

When the child is ready, let them unleash their inner stomper! Have your child stomp the box as hard as they can for as long as they would like; whatever it takes to stomp those feelings into a smaller size.


If your child chooses to talk about some of the things they put into the box, listen and validate; remember there is no right or wrong thing. You are welcome to practice some deep breathing or other preferred relaxation activity after this if your child would like.


This activity can also be altered to have the child pick a box and they can add their thoughts and feelings to it throughout the day or for as long as they want until they are ready to stomp on that box.

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